Maria Leilani Brown


2423 Camino Del Rio S. San Diego, CA 92108

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Mon - Sun: 9AM - 7PM


As a holistic health practitioner, I am excited to be on the front lines as the field of healing arts grows and takes a prominent place in our healthcare system. The importance of preventative medicine is blossoming in our society as we become fully aware that diet, stress, and exercise directly impact our health and the development and progression of disease. I hope that every individual begins to feel empowered to take their health into their own hands. There are many ways to access the innate knowledge and healing power of the body and I am honored to assist in that process.

About Maria

I have been a practicing massage therapist for over 10 years.  My work is thorough, focused, deeply relaxing, deeply relieving, and mindful.  I tune into the needs of the body and go at the body’s pace to relieve pain and release long held patterns.  I work with the fascia to increase circulation and restore movement to the tissues. By properly warming up the muscle tissue I am able to work deeper and achieve a more profound release for longer lasting results.

Having received training from some of the leading experts in the field of healing arts I am honored to offer knowledgable, fluid, holistic, client-centered therapeutic bodywork in alignment with the philosophy of my teachers and mentors.

Trained as a yoga and meditation teacher and certified in integrative nutrition, I hope to meet you where you are and be of service to you on your path.